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Versatility of Garden Benches

Benches are common in places that have ample spaces or long space structures to fit the normally long seats. Gardens benches are usually placed in some long corner of the outdoor to allow a small group of people to enjoy a get-together.

There may be many types of benches for the garden placed in a myriad of positions that would benefit the space and occasion.

Venues of use
Garden benches are not limited to the public parks alone although these are the more common environments where such furniture can be found. Park benches can come in a variety of forms and designs; some park benches have backs while others have seats only. Some park benches can only seat 2 persons while others can accommodate 4-5 adults.

Park benches are usually placed strategically around the park to benefit park visitors; tired visitors regardless of gender and age can rest at the park benches until they are ready to move on. Some vagabonds are found sleeping on park benches at night if they are not chased away by the local municipal.

The home garden is another growing popular venue of use for benches. Garden benches look lovely and inviting with the plethora of designs and styles. Large homes and mansions with large gardens look elegant with matching garden benches around the fountain, pond or landscaped stream.

There can be many types of benches for the garden depending on the size of the garden and the preference of the homeowner. There may be a garden table with matching garden benches around the table instead of using separate chairs. Many gardens sport a solid wood round table in the garden with round benches that can sit 2 persons per bench. Hence, a small group of 6-8 persons can be gathered together in the garden for some social interaction.

Galleries today put on some lovely benches for visitors to sit and admire the displayed works of art; the painting or sculpture can be better appreciated when viewed from a seated angle in full concentration than a fleeting glance standing. Many sales come about by those who took time to smell the roses by sitting down on the provided benches to admire the masterpieces on display.

Shopping malls today are innovative with cushioned benches. These are made of soft leather or sturdy PVC materials which allow a cool seating in the air conditioned environment when one is tired with the amount of walking in the mall.

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